Transcom, 6 more call centers violate BacTrac ordinance

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At least 7 call centers operating in Bacolod failed to implement the BacTrac system in their respective facilities in Bacolod City forcing the Emergency Operations Center to issue a notice of violation.

The EOC will also impose a fine to each call center company for failure to adhere to the guidelines set by the local government on the proper tracking of workers who enter their premises.

Of nearly a dozen call center companies operating in Bacolod only the following companies were reported compliant of the BacTrac system: ARB Call Facilities, Concentrix, iQor, Teleperformance, Ubiquity, Focus Direct and Pathcutters.

Last week in a meeting with call center heads and mall representatives, the EOC warned establishments to strictly implement the online tracking system to ensure efficiency in the conduct of contact tracing.

EOC Executive Chair Em Ang cited that the lack of proper enforcement of the BacTrac system in the case of Transcom forced the contact tracing team to conduct a manual contact tracing process to identify all close contacts of the 41 employees who tested positive of the corona virus.

The COVID-19 contact tracing application of Bacolod was fully implemented last November 15, 2020 and sets a fine of P1,000 for establishments that failed to implement the mobile-based app on first offense. The city sets the maximum fine at P5,000 and or imprisonment for not more than 6 months.