La Salle probes student in indecent post against VP


The controversial Facebook post allegedly associated with Johnrey Apellido, a first-year IT student of University of St. La Salle is now being investigated by the university.

In its official statement, the university deemed both alarming and upsetting the alleged remarks from their student who entered the university last August 17, 2020.

The university has policy guidelines in place upon which matters of such nature are addressed accordingly. As such, the Office for Student Affairs, directly under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, is currently conducting a thorough investigation on the matter, the statement said.

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It added that while the investigation is ongoing at this time, the proper thing for the student to do is to make amends because although he has been saying that he did not make the comment, which was allegedly put together by another person, he is not entirely free or spared from the responsibility of having participated by making similar comments.

The university stressed that they are doing their best to correct such behavior without condemning the one who has erred (the process of finding out is still ongoing).