VM Elcid latest victim of food orders scam


Vice Mayor Elcid Familiaran is the latest victim of food ordering and delivery scam, where unidentified persons use his name and office address to order food in bulk.

The Vice Mayor said that this week alone more than 5 restaurants and food establishments were victimized by these unscrupulous persons by ordering on his behalf. Amount ranges from a thousand to over P5,000.

This week, these persons victimized Living Wafer Refilling Station, Küppa Coffee and Cocktails, Sanders Coffee & Sausages and Bros Asados Food Hub and Ms. Jo Milktea Shop.

Familiaran is sadenned how some people are having time to make these pranks, and worse politicize the matter at a time where local business operators are just recovering from the lockdown due to the global pandemic.

He appeals to establishments to be extra careful and ensure that orders are validated prior to dispatching it.

He also advise establishments to call his office directly for orders tagged under his name to avoid similar incidents.