Visayan Daily Star now part of Inquirer News Initiative


Months after re-opening its publication for local readers and subscribers, The Visayan Daily Star confirmed today, March 29, that it has forged a partnership with The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Dubbed as Inquirer News Initiative, Visayan Daily Star is part of 8 leading community newspapers across the Philippines to be part of the initiative.

Inquirer said the INI program aims to sustain community journalism in digital era. Aside from VDS, the leading regional daily Panay News will also be available on INI.

Through the INI program the 8 local newspapers can now be accessed through a shared digital platform under the Inquirer Plus application.

Making these leading newsgroups available in digital format would now allow Filipinos here and abroad to have access to local contents on a daily basis.

The Inquirer News Initiative was officially launched today.

Signing up the agreement on behalf of VDS is their editor and president Ninfa Leonardia.