Victorias implements price cut on refined sugar


A week after Malacanang announced that it had gained the commitment of large retailers to cut the prevailing retail price of sugar, Victorias Milling Company has lowered the cost of their refined sugar to P70 per kilo.

Previously, VMC refined sugar is sold at Php 106/ kilo. Erwin Delilan photo

According to an announcement, buyers may take advantage of the reduced pricing per kilo at VMC’s outlets at 16th Lacson Street and in the VMC compound in Victorias.

The reduced pricing will be available exclusively to retail customers, and just one kilo of purchase each week will be allowed, according to VMC.

At least 250,000 kilos of refined sugar were repacked to cater to retail consumers.

Aside from VMC, big supermarkets operating in the country also pledged to lower the retail price of sugar from the previous price of P110/ kilo.