Valladolid vice mayor unhurt in SM parking shooting


Valladolid Vice Mayor Roel Yogore was unharmed following a shooting incident at a parking lot in SM Mall along Reclamation Area shortly before 2 p.m. on December 15.

SM security officers cordoned off a Ford Everest, that was allegedly the shooter’s target. *Contributed photo

The vice mayor clarified that he was not the suspects’ primary target and that his vehicle was only hit in the crossfire since the alleged target was a Ford Everest parked next to his car.

Witnesses said at least 2 gun shots were heard.

Yogore told Aksyon Radyo-Bacolod that his driver was inside his Toyota Grandia when the incident occurred, and that he was unharmed too.

Police are still investigating the incident and have not released any additional information about who owns the grey Ford Everest that was hit by a bullet.