Transcom transitions to 95% work from home


The management of Transcom confirms today that it shifted 95% of its nearly 3,000 workers to work from home arrangement following a recent COVID-19 cases among 41 of its employees.

In a press statement sent to Negros News Online, the company said: “Transcom now runs its Bacolod operations at 95% work at home. The company hopes to maintain a large percentage of its Philippine operations on a work at home setup even after the pandemic with guidance from its clients.”

The company also confirmed that it will provide free COVID-19 vaccines to its employees in the Philippines once these are available.

Meanwhile, employees who are designated to work onsite went through another round of company-sponsored RT-PCR test last February 6 in preparation for the resumption of onsite work today, February 8.

The company is separating the onsite team into two groups that will be assigned in two separate buildings. These employees will be prevented from having close interactions as an additional safeguard to minimize any risk of transmission. Spacing between workstations are widened to enforce stricter social distancing guidelines, as recommended by the Emergency Operations Center during its onsite safety inspection last week.

It will also install additional safety equipment such as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and other air circulation devices to capture particles as small as the corona virus.

Onsite protocols such as BaCTrac check-in, online daily health status declaration, and company-initiated antigen tests every seven days are strictly implemented will also be in place according to the company. Personal Protective Equipment will also be made available to their employees, the statement added.

As for those 150 employees currently on lockdown, the company has provided care packs, that consist of food and water supplies.

Transcom’s CEO for Global English Region Mark Lyndsell reiterated: “Compliance with health and safety protocols is not just about protecting Transcom but also about protecting our families and the wider community. In the spirit and true meaning of ‘malasakit,’ all our employees are reminded of our duty to care for ourselves and others.”