Teleperformance partners with Project Inclusion Network to empower people with disabilities


As part of its commitment to providing assistance and opportunities for people with disabilities, Teleperformance Philippines recently announced its partnership with Project Inclusion Network (PIN), a non-profit organization that works towards realizing the potential of Persons with Disability to actively participate in and productively contribute to society.

Under the partnership, Teleperformance will assist PIN in identifying employable people with disabilities from their network of partner institutions, communities, and organizations that teach and train people with impairments, the company said in a statement. It added: Moving forward, Teleperformance Philippines and PIN will be collaborating towards improving knowledge and comprehension of behavioral concepts and processes in the workplace, through increased productivity and integration.

Apart from employment support, Teleperformance Philippines further cemented their commitment to making more inclusive workplaces through a donation of one hundred and fifty thousand pesos to help move forward PIN’s efforts, with a promise of more to come.

Operations Manager of Project Inclusion Network, Jim Nemeno thanked Teleperformance Philippines for their support throughout this project. “I thank Teleperformance for this opportunity. We appreciate from the bottom of our hearts the organizational, financial, and leadership support to promote Disability inclusive communities,” shared Nemeno.

Teleperformance Philippines is a champion of diversity and inclusion. They recently held the Disability Visibility Matters initiative, whose goal is to collect critical baseline data that may be used in building relevant and beneficial programs for these people. They also held a Sensitivity Training webinar, which trained their leaders and equipped them with skills to build a more inclusive workplace. TP also participated in a career fair for PWDs, as well as a parade to advocate for autism programs in early 2020.