Teleperformance joins the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment


Digitally integrated business services provider, Teleperformance (TP), further strengthens its advocacy on gender equality in the workplace as it joins the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE), a press statement from the company said.

The partnership was formalized through the recent virtual signing ceremony attended by Jeffrey Johnson, Senior Vice President for Human Capital Resource Management of TP Philippines, Tanya Famador-Japitana, Executive Vice President for Operations of TP Philippines and Chairperson for TP Women Philippines, and Maria Aurora Boots Geotina-Garcia, Chairperson of Philippine Women’s Economic Network and Co-Chair of PBCWE.

As the newest member of PBCWE, Teleperformance joins other 18 member companies in leading efforts towards building a business case for gender equality, creating knowledge on best practices in the workplace, communicating the benefits of empowering women in the workforce, and institutionalizing policies based on best practices.

“I thank PBCWE for the opportunity to be part of this partnership. There is so much that the society can contribute when we are all welcome and empowered. I am personally committed to seeing all levels being represented in the organization – not just women – but other areas that may be underrepresented. I am proud to be working side by side with PBCWE and I look forward to the success that we’ll see in the coming months as we take this partnership to the next level,” shared Jeffrey Johnson.

“It’s truly an honor to be part of PBCWE. We believe that it’s high time that we tie up with organizations like PBCWE to help provide the structure in our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts so that we can measure how far we’ve gone since we’ve launched TP Women and truly pave the trail for the next phase of our cause. I look forward to and fully support the plans of PBCWE and TP Women together,” Tanya Famador-Japitana added.

TP’s global commitment to the principles of diversity, respect, fairness, empowerment, and equality are reflected through its TP Women initiative which seeks to maintain an overall equal gender distribution in the TP Group’s workforce and in management positions, and to increase the proportion of women in governing bodies. Currently, TP’s global employee base is comprised of 52% women. By 2023, TP committed to its global target of 30% women in the senior leadership roles.

As part of its membership package, TP will undergo the Gender Equality Assessment, Results and Strategies (GEARS), a tool developed in partnership with Investing in Women. GEARS provides companies with the information and resources necessary to start the change process towards gender equality. It evaluates the company’s current gender equality strategies, plan future gender equality objectives, and track their progress over time.

“Gender equality in the workplace plays an important framework in facilitating business productivity, operational efficiency, and financial resiliency. Today, many companies are eager to set clear targets and metrics to create sound policies and programs. In PBCWE, we offer a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity for companies to undergo a simple and streamlined workplace gender equality assessment tool that can help them take concrete steps in their current practices on talent recruitment, succession planning, and employee retention. We are happy to know that Teleperformance is committed to pursue this as a core business strategy,” said Aurora “Boots” Geotina-Garcia.

PBCWE was established in 2017 as an inaugural project of the Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN) in partnership with Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government.