Task force spaghetti wires starts clearing ops


The Task force on spaghetti wires has started its clearing operation of abandoned telecom wires in Bacolod City, today, July 16.

A portion of San Juan Street, fronting Plaza mart, has been closed to traffic this morning as the team from various telecom providers begun their clearing operations.

According to the City Public Information Office the clearing will involve fixing of wires and removing of condemned wires from Cor. Gonzaga-San Juan up to Cor. Rosario-San Juan.

Bacolod Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez and city councilor Al Espino were both sighted on the ground monitoring the development of the clearing activity organized by various telecom operators.

The task force is expected to complete the clearing of dangling wires along Gonzaga, fronting the Bacolod City Public Plaza, just in time for the return of MassKara festival this October.

Dangling wires along Plaza Mart at Gonzaga Street.

On July 14, Benitez has met with various telecom operators and officers of the Central Negros Electric Cooperative in his effort to get rid of spaghetti wires in major thoroughfares of the city.