Tan disaffiliates himself from Isko Moreno citing “disrespect”


Independent candidate for councilor in Bacolod City, Ricardo “Cano” Tan has ceased to associate himself to Aksyon Demokratiko party of presidential candidate Isko Moreno due to what he describe a “disrespect” for his designation as the party’s chairman in Bacolod City.

In a statement released to the press, Tan said that as a party chair he is a leader who values loyalty and respect, but since he is bypassed and disrespected in the position given to him, he chose to disaffiliate himself. “This is a bitter pill to take, but reality bites where some have shown disrespect on me,” he said.

The statement was released by Tan after Moreno arrived in Bacolod for his grand rally yesterday, April 28, without his full knowledge. According to Tan, such acts were damaging to his leadership.

He stressed that as the party leader here, it is incumbent that he holds privity to any activity held about the Presidential bid of Isko Moreno, whom he regarded as a man of integrity and possessed the capability to lead the country. He further explained that he wanted to help Moreno because he saw that he was qualified for the position, innovative in his leadership, and had the political will.

Moreno who held various stops around the province prior to holding his grand rally last night at the city’s public plaza, also met with Mayor Evelio Leonardia and his supporters at the Bacolod Government Center. But the Bacolod mayor said that he is staying neutral in the choice of a presidential bet.

At his grand rally, Moreno vowed to continue the fight for the presidency to the end and promised to provide the Filipino people with their minimum basic needs.