Starbucks doubles down on discount for a day


Starbucks is steaming up a fresh batch of goodwill after facing a social media backlash earlier this month.

In a move to mend fences, the coffee giant is doubling down on government discounts, offering a massive 40% off on all food and beverages for a select group of customers just for today, January 24.

In an announcement, Starbucks said the discount will be extended to senior citizens, persons with disabilities, eligible solo parent, medal of valor recipients and national athletes.

The coffee giant faced a public relations hurdle with its policy limiting government discounts in its January 11 announcement, stating that senior citizens, PWDs, and other government beneficiaries could only purchase one food item and one beverage per visit.

The Department of Trade and Industry immediately clarified that the discount for the identified groups does not limit on “one food item and one drink”. The trade department stressed that discount applies to personal and exclusive consumption of the senior citizen or PWD and this cannot be limited by any establishment as long as the senior citizen or PWD is going to consume the food and drinks.

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