San Carlos enhances VAMOS

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The Information Management Department of San Carlos City made an enhancement to its COVID-19 monitoring system by adding a security that requires users to perform a one-time security action.

The added feature will ensure that the registered account is legit and valid. To verify an account, VAMOS users are advised to perform the following action:

1. Install or Update the latest version of VAMOS Mobile.

For iphone (ios) users:…

For android users:…

2. Open VAMOS Mobile and log-in using your correct user credentials. (username and password)

3. Click MY PROFILE and click the settings (gear icon).

4. Select VERIFY ACCOUNT. You need to upload at least one valid Identification (ID) Card to validate your information. Please make sure that the information in your ID coincides with VAMOS Profile.

5. Your account will be checked by the VAMOS Team. Verification process will take at least 1-2 working days.

6. You will receive a notification once your account has been successfully verified.

IMPORTANT: All unverified VAMOS Mobile accounts will be deactivated after JANUARY 2021. Please verify your accounts now!