San Carlos declares public health emergency due to amoeba

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The city of San Carlos declared, today, February 23 a state of health emergency due to surge of amoebiasis in the city.

Mayor Renato Gustilo said he signed an executive order directing strong coordination among barangays in spreading public awareness regarding this surge and how to prevent it. The mayor did not disclose yet the total confirmed cases.

Gustilo said he ordered all concerned offices to take immediate action after visiting the city hospital on February 21 and checked on patients confined for amoebiasis.

The mayor guarantee admitted patients of the immediate response from their local hospital.

Right now, the mayor’s top priority is the overall health of San Carloseños.

Amoebiasis is caused by ingesting water or food that has been contaminated with amoeba, and can be prevented by boiling water for at least a minute, keeping surroundings clean, regularly washing hands, and ensuring personal and food hygiene.