Non-medical staff praise after assisting a pregnant woman in giving birth while in quarantine facility

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Three non-medical personnel from the office of Councilor Cindy Rojas received praises after they successfully assisted a pregnant woman who gave birth while at the quarantine facility in ETCS 4 at Reclamation Area of this city, yesterday, May 25.

According to Rojas, the expectant mother was at the quarantine facility as she awaits her swab result as a pre-requisite before she can be admitted in a medical facility to give birth. The woman, however, according to Rojas prematurely gave birth forcing her staff to stepped up and assisted the mother.

Rojas said 3 of her staff assigned at the quarantine facility assisted the mother, despite their lack of medical training. “God certainly worked in wonders to bring into this world baby Gabriel,” she quipped. Rojas publicly thanked her staff through a Facebook post. She identified them as Glenda, Yvonne and Flaviana.

No medical personnel was available at the time that the woman gave birth. The staff immediately sought the help of the city’s rescue team and the mother and her baby were brought to Riverside Medical Center.

Rojas said that as of yesterday the baby is in the intensive care unit, while the mother remains at the isolation area of the hospital pending the availability of her swab result.

The staff of Rojas has been assigned at the quarantine facility to assist returning residents who are required to go on isolation while they await for their swab result.

Rojas was designated by Mayor Evelio Leonardia to lead and facilitate the swift transfer of returning residents who were stranded in various part of the country after the government impose a lockdown last year due to COVID-19.

While this miraculous moment brought so much joy to the team of Rojas, the team also went through a lot of challenges nearly 2 months ago after her point person in bringing home thousands of LSIs tested positive of COVID-19. This forced her team to go on isolation and work on SPASS application from their respective homes.