NOHS bars unvaxxed teachers, staff from entering its campus


Thirteen employees of the Negros Occidental High school (NOHS) were barred from entering its main campus yesterday, March 1, after they failed to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

 NOHS principal, Josette Terrora, said that of the 13 employees, 9 were teaching personnel and the 4 others are non-teaching personnel. The decision to disallowed these personnel from entering its campus according to Terrora was based on a Department of Education memorandum.

She quoted the DepEd Aide Memoire dated February 16 were the Inter-Agency Task Force Resolution No.148-B requires personnel required to do on-site work to either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or to undergo RT-PCR tests at their own expense.

The memorandum furthers states that the Office of the President has approved the requirement for teachers and non teaching personnel handling face-to-face classes and performing in-school functions to be vaccinated.

Terrora said that unvaccinated teachers and personnel were informed about the DepEd memorandum, which they are just implementing.

NOHS has set-up a desk at its main entrance along Araneta Street were they screened employees entering the facility.