MTRCB’s “Klik Responsibly” campaign rallies key stakeholders to promote responsible media consumption


The MTRCB’s Responsableng Panonood Campaign, also known as “Klik Responsibly,” recently held a significant event that brought together key figures and stakeholders to advocate for responsible media consumption.

Notable personalities, including Governor Eugenio Jose “Bong” Lacson, Chairperson of MTRCB, Ms. Lala Sotto, and Acting Mayor Councilor Salanga, graced the event with their presence, underscoring the government’s and private sector’s unwavering support for initiatives that promote responsible media consumption.

Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez’ unwavering support for the MTRCB’s “Klik Responsibly” campaign was evident through his message that resonated with the event’s participants, further emphasizing the widespread commitment to responsible media consumption. Acting Mayor Councilor Salanga delivered the mayor’s message at the event.

Also present were Vice Chairperson of MTRCB Mr. Niel Demesa, Board members, Stakeholders from government agencies, SM Supermalls (SM Bacolod), parents, and teachers.

AVIA’s Louis Bowell, representing the Asia Video Industry Association, also voiced their support for the campaign, highlighting the industry’s role in promoting responsible content.