Meat section in Libertad renovated

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Mayor Evelio Leonardia led the inauguration of the newly renovated meat seat section of the Libertad Public Market, yesterday, December 21.

The project, which cost about P4.7 million, was funded using the city’s Annual Investment Program (AIP) in 2019.

The newly improved meat section includes 18 long steel meat tables and each table can accommodate two vendors.

Leonardia said, “Despite the pandemic, Bacolod didn’t stop. We are far from what we had achieved last year, but we are still among the better cities. The National Competitiveness Council has just declared us the ‘Most Competitive City in the Visayas.’ This is a big morale booster.”

“Once this pandemic is over, for sure the progress of Bacolod will also return. I can guarantee you that,” the mayor added.

According to Vice Mayor Elcid Familiaran the monthly rental for steel meat section is about P500, while the other booths are P600. This is like the charity of Bacolod to its citizens, he said.

“You are lucky because Mayor Bing is the mayor,” the vice mayor added.

City Administrator Em Ang said: “This market repair and rehabilitation project is a fulfillment of the commitment of Grupo Progreso. There are still incoming projects to further this renovation.”

Starting December 23, the meat vendors can start occupying the meat section. Currently, there are 31 meat vendors scheduled to occupy the area.