Mambukal re-opens to the general public


The Mambukal Resort and Wildlife Sanctuary in Murcia town officially re-opened today, December 1, as part of the economic recovery efforts of the provincial government of Negros Occidental, 20 months after the global pandemic brought by COVID-19.

No less than Gov. Eugenio “Bong” Lacson led the re-opening of the resort that was previously used as a quarantine facility for Capitol employees who were stricken by the deadly corona disease.

Mambukal which according to the governor forms part of our nostalgic childhood and is not only considered as a re-creational facility, will start receiving guests on December 7 as part of the provincial government’s effort to drive inclusive and sustainable recovery of the tourism industry.

The governor underscored however, that the world is still amid the pandemic and that the safety of everyone will remain to be paramount in their criteria in all their decision.

Capitol said it will only accommodate fully vaccinated guests. Booking and reservation can be done at the resort’s office located at the Capitol Park and Lagoon in this city.