Leonardia says coliseum a big boost to sports and tourism


Outgoing Mayor Evelio Leonardia once again defended his plan to build an P800 million coliseum following oppositions from incoming mayor Alfredo “Albee” Benitez.

Leonardia reiterated to the media on June 12 how the soon-to-be-built coliseum will support the expansion of Bacolod, particularly in the areas of tourism and sports.

According to Leonardia, once the proposed Panay-Negros bridge is finished, and with Bacolod possessing the region’s largest coliseum, the city will become more attractive.

He added that the construction of the coliseum at the property donated by the Yanson family in Brgy. Alijis will also put balance in the growth of the southern part of Bacolod, citing that at present the development in the city is heavily focus in northern and eastern parts of the city.

“So I can see the future that if the Coliseum and Museum are in the south, bigger developments will follow. So our growth will be dispersed,” he emphasized.

However, Benitez previously met with the city’s engineering team and the Development Bank of the Philippines to re-evaluate the plans because he wanted to redesign it as a simpler convention or trade center so that extra funds from the loan can be allocated for the development of the three Bacolod markets.