GCash launches prepaid debit card in partnership with Visa


GCash has launched a prepaid debit card in partnership with Visa to help its users with cashless payments.

In a statement, GCash said fully verified users of their app can get the card by go to ”View all”, then find the “Manage” section. Users can then click on “Cards” and tap “Order a GCash Card”.

With the GCash Card, customers can make cashless payments in groceries, restaurants, retail stores, transportation, and make online payments.

The partnership with Visa also means the card can be used in over 200 countries and territories, at over 100 million merchants that accept Visa as payment.

Users who have availed of the GCash Card will also have access to GInsure, where they can get free insurance of up to P20,000 coverage for unauthorized transactions for the first 30 days after activation.

This also includes the P185 price for card replacement in the event of accidental loss or damage to the card, as well as the shipping fee of up to P225.

G-Exchange president and CEO Ren-Ren Reyes said the card will be helpful for Filipinos with informal sources of incomes like freelancers and independent professionals as well as micro and small enterprises.

“GCash is giving every Filipino, whoever or wherever they are, the benefits of owning a card, especially those with no bank accounts or documents typically required to apply for a card,” he said.