Fortress College inks partnership with CPU, donates school property


The Central Philippine University (CPU) has sealed a partnership with Fortress College, Inc., a Christian institution established by the late Reverend Dr. Gregorio “Greg” J. Tingson, in Kabankalan City.

The partnership was formalized through the signing of Deeds of Donation held on June 12, 2023, at Seda Hotel, Bacolod City.

Under the agreement, the Tingson family, who are the founders of Fortress College, will donate the school’s property and assets to CPU.

The continuing operations of the school will also be transferred under the management of CPU.

The partnership is seen as a way for CPU to expand its reach and impact in Negros Occidental. Fortress College has been providing quality education to students in the region for over 20 years. With CPU’s expertise and resources, the school is expected to continue to provide quality education to even more students in the years to come.

The signing ceremony was attended by CPU officials, including President Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, Board of Trustees Chairperson Dr. Elmer Q. Pedregosa, and Vice Chairperson Atty. Von Lovel D. Bedona. Representatives from the Tingson family and Fortress College were also present.

In his remarks, Dr. Robles expressed gratitude to the Tingson family for their generosity and partnership. He said that the donation of Fortress College is a “testimony of the Tingson family’s commitment to education and their faith in CPU.”

Dr. Robles also said that the partnership between CPU and Fortress College is a “win-win” for both institutions. He said that CPU will be able to expand its reach and impact in Negros Occidental, while Fortress College will be able to benefit from CPU’s expertise and resources.

The signing of the Deeds of Donation is a significant milestone in the history of CPU and Fortress College. It is a testament to the two institutions’ shared commitment to providing quality education to students in the region. The partnership is expected to further strengthen CPU’s presence in Negros Occidental and its mission to “educate, train, and transform.”