Former councilor loses millions to robbers


A former councilor’s house in Cadiz City was robbed of more than a million pesos worth of jewelry and cash on April 1.

According to Police Captain Gina Fernandez of Cadiz Police station, three robbers cut the bamboo fence behind the house of the 59-year-old businessman Ray Yee and forcible gain entr by breaking the grills and removing the jalousie.

The robbers were able to steal 11 watches worth P259,000, five bracelets worth P160,000, jewelry worth P150,000, 35 necklaces worth P270,000, a branded bag worth P9,500. They also took away cash amounting to 285,000 pesos.

The suspects were able to flee without being caught as no one was present in the house at the time of the robbery.

The police have yet to identify any persons of interest in connection with the case.