Flood forces San Carlos residents to evacuate

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For the first time, several areas in the urban barangays in San Carlos City, were flooded as some of its rivers and creeks overflowed due to heavy rains early last night, January 16, 2021.

In a statement issued by San Carlos PIO, it said that most of the residents were alarmed when flood water entered their houses forcing others to move out and seek sheltered at the evacuation centers.

The City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office immediately sent out rescuers, with members of the city police assised in the rescue operation. No fatalities were reported, the statement said.

According to Engr. Arthur Batomalaque, Senior Environment Management Specialist of the City Environment Management Office (CEMO), the heavy downpour and the debris it brought to the city’s waterways was the initial caused of the flooding. He also noted bottleneck at some stormwater outlets that could have further triggered the flood.

He also cited that the volume of water coming from the mountains was just enormous to contain by the water channels.

He added that plastic wastes that usually clogged waterways are not the cause of the flood since it has been long addressed by the city and that the water did not last long but immediately subsided which is a good indication of a non-clogged drainage system.

He added that the city will check its flood control plan.