EOC advises malls to strictly comply with BACTRAC

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The Emergency Operations Center of Bacolod City has reminded mall operators in Bacolod to strictly comply with the BACTRAC QR scanning for every customer that walks in their respective establishment.

The EOC made this reminder after noticing that some mall operators in the city are no longer scanning the BACTRAC code of customers who enter the mall, hours before its closing time. In a virtual meeting held with mall operators and other key industries, the team re-emphasized the importance of monitoring and tracking as it helps facilitate the contact tracing efforts of the local government in the event of a confirmed positive case.

Under City Ordinance 941, or the “Covid-19 Contact Tracing System Ordinance of Bacolod City,” all establishments operating within the city are required to implement the contactless contact tracing protocol as part of the city’s effort to easily track movements of individuals who may contract the deadly virus.

Under the ordinance, establishment who failed to register and implement the BACTRAC system may face a penalty ranging from P1,000, P2,500 and P5,000 and/or imprisonment for not more than six months for the first, second, third and succeeding offenses, respectively.

Meanwhile, the City Health Office (CHO), confirmed that it is set to rollout within the week the full implementation of its online appointment system for the issuance of health certificate and health card to control the daily traffic of individuals applying for such as part of its added safety protocol against COVID-19.