Out of stock? DOH says no shortage of Paracetamol


The Department of Health acknowledges today, January 4, that there is indeed a spike in the demand of Paracetamol and other drugs for flu-like symptoms.

But in a statement, the health department clarified that there is no ongoing shortage of supply in the country after it checked major drug stores and local manufacturers. The health bureau said it is continuously monitoring the status of supply of critical medicines, including supportive medicines against COVID-19.

The DOH also reminded the public that Paracetamol has many generic alternatives in the market, which are available in many drug store nationwide.

In an advisory, Unilab, the manufacturer of Biogesic, said it is aware that some of its brands are temporarily out of stock in select drugstores. It said this is due to extraordinary demand, but it did not categorically mention which over-the-counter brands are currently unavailable.

The leading pharmaceutical however said that they are working with their partner drugstores and retailers to accelerate replenishment at the soonest possible time.