DOH braces for post-holiday surge of COVID

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The Department of Health foresees a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases around the country this holiday and is reminding hospitals to be prepared for such scenario.

In Bacolod, the Emergency Operations Center has already met with medical officers of various hospitals to check on their readiness for a possible spike in cases.

At present, the combined bed capacity of the 7 hospitals in Bacolod is at 201, with 26% of it being occupied.

The DOH had earlier remind the public to limit the number of people in social gatherings and activities this holiday and encourages families to limit gatherings to their immediate members residing in the same household.

It has also advised the public to opt for activities with only a short duration of contact.

As previously explained by DOH any in-person gatherings, especially in crowded places, exposes oneself to the underlying risk of being infected of COVID-19.