Digital-first Business and IT college education from Mapua Malayan Digital College and Ayala Malls Capitol Central


For the upcoming Academic Year 2022-2023, Mapúa University and Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapua School, have launched Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC), a new, digital-first college focused on technology and business.

Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC) Executives together with Sharon Ciocon, Ayala Malls General Manager, and Employer Partners from Ayala Land Group.

With traditional colleges, students spend most of their time sitting in classrooms and commuting to and from campus, with limited time and flexibility to collaborate with others. At MMDC, while completing their online degree, students will get to experience an exclusive and modern collaboration space, where they can meet up with their peers, do focused work or group projects, organize clubs, and more.

MMDC is an affordable, accessible and flexible offering that delivers a cutting-edge online curriculum and offline experiences designed for the modern Filipino student. With this, MMDC is the first digital-first college in Visayas. It’s set to open the doors to one of its pioneering Learning Hubs, located at Ayala Malls Capitol Central – the very first Learning Hub of its kind for Bacolod students.

The launch of MMDC’s Learning Hub was made possible through its partnership with Ayala Malls, with the common goal of making future-ready learning opportunities more accessible to the Bacolodnon college students, entrepreneurs and working professionals.

Sharon Ciocon, Ayala Malls General Manager, says, “This is a first in VisMin. We’re looking forward to supporting not just senior high graduates but also the mompreneurs, startup businesses, even merchant employees who would like to upskill or go back to finish their college degree. MMDC’s curriculum is flexible enough that we welcome this innovation in education.”

With Bacolod’s vision of becoming a “smart city,” there is a need to build the right mindset and skills so that everyone in the community can play a role in the city’s continued growth.

Ayala Malls Capitol Central is also swiftly becoming a local hub for entrepreneurship and tech, with the rise of BPOs and MSMEs. Through its partnership with MMDC, Ayala Malls is pleased to offer exclusive opportunities to upskill its employees and tenants within their community, so that they may benefit from MMDC’s Projects, Problems and Cases (PPC) learning model, which emphasizes the development of soft skills.

“Employers want to see individuals who are proactive, going beyond their usual job description. Hard skills can be learned on the job. We want to see individuals develop critical thinking, decision-making, creativity, maximizing available resources to produce results,” said Ciocon.

MMDC continues to collaborate with other community partners in Bacolod to support the city’s growth. For students interested to inquire and enroll for the 2022-2023 school year (including scholarship opportunities), visit and watch out for MMDC’s Learning Hub opening this June at Ayala Malls Capitol Central.