Cybercrime bureau warns Globe customers vs phishing


The Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) is warning the public of a phishing scam targeting Globe Telecom customers.

The scam involves an SMS message claiming that the recipient’s Globe points are about to expire and must be redeemed immediately, the CICC said in a statement.

CICC Executive Director Alexander K. Ramos advised the public to be cautious of SMS messages with links, especially those coming from unofficial sources. The domain has been flagged as a dangerous link by the anti-fraud network Gogolook.

The SMS states: “The globe points service reminds you that your current points account (3,022 points) will expire today. Redeem your points as soon as possible: Please reply Y then exit SMS, open the SMS to activate the link again, or copy the link to the Safari browser and open it.”

Clicking this link in the message he said will lead to a fake website ( that requests personal details and bank account numbers for supposed points redemption.

Ramos said that CICC’s fraud team has recommended the blocking of the domain and vowed to continuously warn the public about SMS fraud especially those coming out from unofficial sources.

The public is once again reminded not to click links from suspicious SMS message and to immediately report phishing attempts to CICC through their hotline 1326.