Contact tracing ongoing on Transcom close contacts

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The Emergency Operations Center of Bacolod through its contact tracing team is now conducting a massive contact tracing efforts to all close contact of the 41 employees of Transcom who tested positive of COVID-19.

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According to City Administrator Em Ang the contact tracing would include the households of the confirmed positive employees.

As of today, Ang said no household close contacts were positive of the virus after their exposure. But household close contacts are advised to undergo strict quarantine.

While the contact tracing is on-going the site of Transcom in Brgy. Tangub was placed under close monitoring and lockdown for at least 24 hours.

Ang said this recent incident must serve as a warning to the general public not to be complacent. This is a fair warning to everyone to remain vigilant while the vaccine is not yet available, Ang added.

She stressed the guidelines and protocols are in placed for a reason and not to make the public uncomfortable.

In the case of Transcom, Ang said the monitoring team noticed breached of protocol within the area and in neighboring. She said the monitoring team even reported selling of alcoholic drinks at night.

Meanwhile, Ang reminded call center operators in Bacolod to strictly enforce the mandatory minimum health protocol in the workplace and ensure the strict implementation of the BACTRAC system.