Clamor on uncollected garbage on; Mayor Bing disappointed by IPM service


Tons of garbage around Bacolod City remains uncollected for almost 3 weeks now by the third-party contractor of the city, IPM-CDC.

Irked by th performance, Mayor Evelio Leonardia lashed out at IPM-CDC for its below par performance.

According to the mayor it was unacceptable, adding that even him was surprised about what happened. The mayor further said that while IPM-CDC management explained that some of their employees went on a break for the holidays, they still have a responsibility as the city’s official garbage collector.

Let’s be fair with everybody. We know that all of us want to make a living, but let us respect the fact that we also need to do our jobs, especially those who are under government service,” the mayor said.

Leonardia also encouraged residents to report any further problems the IPM-CDC might have overlooked, considering that they are now working double time to rid the city of unwanted trash.

“I personally call them if I see something that needs their attention. The Mayor’s Office is always open for the people of Bacolod. If you see any lapses, call us so that we can address the problem at the soonest time possible,” Leonardia said.