City to evict vendors from Vendor’s Plaza for Manokan Country redevelopment


The City of Bacolod will forcibly evict the remaining vendors within the Vendor’s Plaza and adjacent areas to give way for the redevelopment project of Manokan Country.

According to City Legal Officer Atty. Romeo Carlos Ting Jr., the City Legal Office Enforcement Team will be carrying out the removals after a demand letter requesting vendors to vacate the area went unanswered.

He said that his office has sent out a demand letter to remaining businesses in the area, but unfortunately, no one has vacated as of yet.

The affected businesses include a cafeteria and computer shops. The City expects the removals to be completed by Monday, April 22, at which point the Vendor’s Plaza will be closed to the public.

Atty. Ting clarified that the decision on whether to provide aid to the affected businesses rests with Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez.