City proposes No BACTRAC, No entry policy


BACTRAC will soon be mandatory for all Bacolod and non-Bacolod residents who will transact in any establishment in the city. This as the City of Bacolod proposes to amend some provision of the existing ordinance.

The proposed amendments on the City Ordinance 941 or the “Covid-19 Contact Tracing System Ordinance of Bacolod City” will replace the current option of individuals without Bactrac to register their details manually in a logbook.

According to Dr. Chris Sorongon, deputy for medical and data analysis of the Emergency Operations (EOC), while the current ordinance allows the manual logging, most establishment also failed to comply with this provision, including the submission of the logbook to the City Health Office.

He added the use of logbook can also be a source of virus transmission.

Aside from eliminating the manual logbook the city is also pushing another new provision in the ordinance where non-Bacolod residents who will transact in any Bacolod-based establishment will be required to register on the system to generate his unique QR-code.

Once the amendment is approved, the city hopes to implement this change next month.

The BACTRAC ordinance was passed last year as part of the initiative of the local government to efficiently contact trace individuals who are positive of COVID-19.