CENECO announces weekend power outages in Bago, Talisay and Silay


The Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. is scheduling another maintenance activities on August 7 & 8 to ensure stability of distribution lines to avoid further serious damages that will result to major interruptions. This will result to power interruption in some areas in cities of Bago, Talisay and Silay, according to the power distributor.

On August 7, portion of Feeder 4 in Bago Coty will experience an outage from 9AM-4PM and will affect consumers in Hda. Clinic, Brgy. Ma-ao to Brgy. Bacong, Brgy. Ilijan, Brgy. Binubuhan and Brgy. Mailum, and Hda. Pader, Brgy. Ma-ao to Brgy. Binubuhan, Brgy. Ilijan and Brgy. Mailum.

On Sunday, August 8 CENECO will be doing an opening and closing of 69kV ABS DS13TWH-5Z at Talisay Compound, Talisay City and 69kV ABS DS06MCK-5Z at McKinley Road, Silay City to facilitate isolation of portion of 69kV/TL between Talisay Substation and Panaogao Substation; Re-stringing of aerial wire down and replacement of 69kV transmission rotten poles for safety;  Elevation of ABS DS05MGS-5Z at Magsaysay Road, Brgy. Zone 10, Talisay City; Preventive maintenance of 20MVA Talisay Substation and correction of hot spot and load side of power transformer; Tree clearing activities; Load transfer of Panaogao Substation and Lopez Substation from Bacolod-Silay 69kV/TL to Cadiz-Silay 69kV/TL at Structure 87 Bacayan, VMC, Victorias City;  Opening and closing of Air Break Switches, cutting off and retapping of jumpers and re-energization of Talisay Substation from Bacolod-Silay 69kV/TL; Opening and closing of Air Break Switches and load transfer from Bacolod-Silay 69kV/TL to Cadiz-Silay 69kV/TL;

This will result to a 7AM-4PM outage in Talisay Substation covering the following areas:

TF1 North Side areas from Talisay substation to highway along Magsaysay Road, TUP, Talisay High School (RBLMHS), Talisay Elem. School, Talisay Water District, Carmela Valley Homes, TESDA, CENECO sub-office, Zone 4A, Zone 2, Catabla, Baricutot, GamboaSubd.,San Lorenzo Subd.,New City Hall, Villa Carmela, SitioMambukog, SitioNacab, Hda. BuenRetiro, SitioBubog, Kooll Co. Inc., St. Paul Village

TF2 South Side Area (from Talisay Substation to Highway) along Magsaysay, Zone 9, Zone 7, South Elementary School, Tayabas Elementary School, Talisay Sugar Mill Compound, Miramar Park Subd., CICM Seminary, Natures Village, Hda. Clafarols, Town and Country Negros, Ayala North Point, Hda. Jose Maria, Ford, Honda Cars, La Costa Brava, Ayala Metro District, Amaia Scapes North Point, Avida Village North Point, Asyana (Verdana Homes), Pepsi Cola Plant, (Bacolod Ice Plant, Sto. Niño Stop, Sta. Clara Phase II, Prk. Langis, San Mateo Village, NN Wharf up to Sitio Sibucao, Prk. Paraiso, Prk Kasagingan, Prk. Lawayan, Prk. Rosas Pandan, Banago Port, Bat-os Calamba, Prk. Datiles.Gatuslao imperial court going to north drive, Caltex north drive going to Puregold. Cordova st. Puregold Banago going to north circumferential road.

TF3 Menlo Heights Subd., Triad Subd.,Hda. Minuluan Guinto, Hda. Uwak, Brgy. Busay, Sugar valley Subd.,Brgy. Binaliwan, San Esteban Subd.,Hda. Otilla Lacson, Virgen I,II and III, Hda. Locsin, Hda. San Rafael (Balabag), Brgy. Dos Hermanas, Bagtic, Del Fuego 1&2, First Farmers, Hda. Sta. Teresita, Hda. Antonio, Hda. Carmen, Hda. San Jose, Hda. Magdalena, Brgy. Matab-ang, Suton, Hda. Gusa, Hda. Manaul, Hda. Bungyod, Hda. Bacong, Hda. San Isidro,–Brgy. Granada, Prk. Kabukiran, Hda. Cataywa 1, 2 & 3, Hda. Anita,–Brgy. Estefania, Baciwa Pumping Stations – Brgy. Granada, Hda. Manaloto / Bantod, Habitat Homes, Brgy. Concepcion, Brgy. Cabungahan, Brgy. San Fernando, Brgy. Cabatangan, Campuestuhan, – Brgy. Estefania, Hda. Luciana, Hda. Dos Hermanas, Prk. Coci, Hda. Asuncion

Another interruption is scheduled from 7AM-8AM, and from 3PM-4PM in Panaogao and Lopez Substations affecting the following:

PF1 Mc Kinley Road (from Silay substation to Silay Airport)

PF2 From Panao-gao Substation to McKinley Gomez, Sta. Theresa Academy, Silay Institute, Equitable Bank, Ice Plant, CENECO (SFO), Sea View Subd., Highway (StaTheresita – Sea View), SitioDacutanDacu, HofileniaSubd., Carmela Valley Silay, Hda. Consolacion, Brgy. Guinhalaran, Sea View, BuenRetiro, Major part of Silay Proper, Brgy. Mambulak. Gomez St., Zamora St.

LF1 Caneland (AIDSISA), Mansiguinon, Lantawan, Brgy. Guimbalaon, Brgy. Kapitan Ramon, Brgy. Patag, E. Lopez, Hda. Pula, Hda. Napilas 2, Sitio Hiyang2x, Tayap Proper, Patag, Hda. Caridad, Hda. Maria Conception, Hda. Camantero 3, Hda. Qinalatan

LF2 Provencial Hospital, portion of Silay st, Olaybar St., Villa Hergon, Villa hergon Phase 2, Had. Matagoy, Burgos St. Bonifacio St.

LF3 Hawaiian Central, Silay, Brgy. Balaring, SitioBungol, SitioMambag-id, SitioBeraño, portion of Brgy. Lantad