CENECO announces 9AM-3PM power outage tom & Friday


The Central Negros Electric Cooperative is scheduling 6-hour power outages, tomorrow, November 10 and on Friday, Nov.12.

CENECO said portion of Hda. Pader, Brgy. Ma-ao up to Brgy. Mailum including Brgy. Ilijan and Brgy. Binubuhan, Bago City will experience power interruption tomorrow to give way for the reconductoring of 8-span three-phase #2/0 ACSR bare conductor by #2/0 ACSR tree wire to prevent interruption caused by geckos, rodents, snakes, falling tree branches on primary line.

On Friday, CENECO said electric consumers in Second Road Hervias, Hervias Subdivision, Brgy. Villamonte in Bacolod City will experience power interruption as it implement maintenance activities to ensure stability of distribution lines to avoid further serious damages that will result to major interruptions.

During the 6-hr outage, CENECO will replace and remove two 30-ft. rotten wood pole with two 35-ft. concrete utility pole and its assembly for five-span one-phase primary line. It will also install one 25kVA and one 37kVA common distribution transformer for load splitting and downrating of one 100kVA common distribution transformer together with its accessories.

Electricity consumers are further advised that, in the event of any power interruption, electrical switch/es should be turned-off for safety reasons. When electricity supply resumes, please provide allowance of about 10-15 minutes before switching on all electrical appliances and facilities to avoid power surge.

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