CCTV captures a man pushing guests into a resort pool


A man was caught on CCTV pushing guests into the swimming pool in one of the resorts in Bacolod City for no apparent reason.

The video of the incident that took place on Holy Thursday around 1 p.m., and was shared on Facebook, showed a 20-year-old woman and her two young relatives, aged 13 and 3, sitting by the side of the pool.

Suddenly, a man appeared on the side and pushed the woman into the water, causing the two minors to almost drown as well. A young girl was also seen in the video hitting her waist on the pool’s tile flooring before falling into the pool.

The panicked guests around quickly came to their rescue and pulled them out of the pool.

It was not known if the victims suffered from injuries because of the incident.

The family of the victims has sought the help of the resort staff and immediately reviewed the CCTV footage to identify the man responsible.

It is not known yet if a case was filed against the suspect.