Cadiz City’s golden Dinagsa Festival glitters with record turnout & booming economy


The 50th Dinagsa Festival of Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, has concluded in a blaze of vibrant costumes, pulsating music, and record-breaking crowds. Nearly half a million tourists and spectators flocked to the city for the two-week celebration, injecting a staggering P700 million into the local economy, according to Mayor Salvador Escalante.

The festival’s grand finale on January 28 pulsed with energy as street dancers showcased their vibrant traditions and enthralled audiences. The streets overflowed with joyous revelers, while restaurants and businesses hummed with activity.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Mayor Escalante declared. “Thousands of private vehicles filled the highways around Cadiz, and we even had to request Ceres Liner to add 200 more bus trips to accommodate the influx of visitors,” he added.

While the city government invested P20-P25 million in the festivities, the financial return far exceeded expectations. “The economic boost generated by the Dinagsa Festival is remarkable,” the mayor exclaimed.

The 2-week festivities was also peaceful according to Escalante.