Bacolod clamping & towing ordinance takes effect Oct. 9


Bacolod to begin implementing its Clamping and Towing Ordinance on October 9, the Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO) said.

Starting Monday, BTAO will deploy at least 12 traffic enforcers to implement the clamping and towing ordinance.

During the dry run, the BTAO did not charge clamping fees, however, once the ordinance takes effect, motorists will have to pay the fine for violating the city ordinance.

BTAO Chief Major Junjie Liba said that after a week of dry-run many motorists are still unaware of the ordinance, which is why they continue to park in tow away zones.

According to Liba they have have seen motorcycles and vehicles parked in tow away zones, even though there are signages posted at the side of the road.

The BTAO has designated the Metro Towing Services as its third-party contractor. The impounding area is located in Lacson Street, the former Coca Cola plant, which has a land area of two hectares.

The clamping and towing ordinance is aimed at improving traffic flow and order in Bacolod City.