BACIWA employees barred from entering main office

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Some employees of Bacolod City Water District were barred from entering its main office along Galo- San Juan Streets, today, January 4, 2021, after its new operator PrimeWater Infrastructure Corporation took over the management of BACIWA as part of a joint venture agreement.

The employees were supposed to resume to their regular work today after a holiday break, but were told that they are no longer connected with the water utility provider. This after BACIWA acting general manager Michael Soliva issued an order that terminated the services of 60 employees last December 31, 2021. In an office order, Soliva said the employees were declared redundant.

Some employees outside the BACIWA main office after they were told that they are no longer allowed to enter the building.

But for city councilor Wilson Gamboa, today’s action of BACIWA is totally illegal. Gamboa who showed up at the BACIWA main office today told the 60 employees that they have to stand and protect their rights.

He stressed that these affected employees are still covered by Civil Service Commission despite of the joint venture agreement and having said that he explained that only the CSC has the right to terminate these workers. He added that the board of directors does not even have the authority to axed these workers without having them go through a due process.

Gamboa also assured the workers that he will continue to support their plight by filing a resolution at the city council calling for an immediate investigation on the action of the BACIWA board.

Previously, Gamboa said that the management of BACIWA has assured all workers that despite of the joint venture agreement no single employees will lost their job.

It was in November 16, 2020 when PrimeWater took over the operation of BACIWA.