Army commemorates Sagay9


The Army’s 79th Infantry (Masaligan) Battalion together with the Brgy Council of Brgy Bulanon and families of the massacre victims gathered together in a simple ceremony to commemorate the ‘Sagay 9’ massacre on Monday last October 20 at Brgy Bulanon, Sagay City, a press release from 79th IB said.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s commemoration is simple yet solemn ceremony attended by the barangay officials of Brgy Bulanon, members of the Philippine Army and the families of the massacre victims.

It also includes a Peace Advocacy Symposium initiated by the troops of 79th IB to give awareness on the deceptive schemes of the communist terrorist group in recruiting and organizing unwary civilians for their evil interests. Pastor Hope Biasca of Trinity Fellowship Church also led a spiritual guidance to the families of the victims to enlighten their hearts and minds and to keep them away from being deceived and used by the left-leaning organizations whose evil purpose is to fuel hatred and disgust against the government.

Lieutenant Colonel Gerard T Alvaran, Commanding Officer of 79th IB said, “As we paid tribute to the innocent lives who were victimized by the communist terrorist and militant groups, let us work hand-in-hand so that this kind of incident will never happen again. We can’t afford to let this dark portion of history repeat itself in the future. We, your Philippine Army will continue to collaborate with the LGU and PNP to ensure the safety and well-being of our people.”

After the ceremony, food packs were given to the families of the victims from the Local Government Unit of Sagay City.

It was in October 20, 2018 when a group of sugarcane farmers while eating dinner in a makeshift tent in a farm was attacked and fired upon by a number of armed men believed to be members of NPA, killing nine (9) famers including four (4) women and two (2) children. The victims were identified as members of the National Federation of Sugarcane Workers (NFSW).