Albee to Bing: Time to move on


Time to move on. This was the response of mayor-elect Alfredo Benitez to the election protest filed by defeated mayor Evelio Leonardia.

According to Benitez, the allegations hurled by Leonardia were baseless and frivolous.

“The conduct of the 2022 elections was generally peaceful, credible and orderly. No documented and concrete evidence has been shown to prove any irregularities at the voting precincts,” he added.

For him, this is another desperate move of one who refuses to accept the truth. Such electoral protest is therefore an exerciseof futility, and will surely be dismissed, he stressed.

Benitez also reiterated that the people of Bacolod have spoken and it is time to move on and buckle down to work. On May 24, Benitez posted photos on his Facebook page were he met with his allies and consulted them which programs to prioritize for the city.