53 sea turtles release in Sipalay waters


Fifty-three (53) sea turtle hatchlings were released today, January 22, at Saka-Saka Beach Resort, Barangay Nauhang, the local government of Sipalay reported.

At around 2 AM, Rodolfo Lejarso, 63, staff of Saka-saka Beach Resort and several guests were surprised to discover sea turtle hatchlings inside the resort premises. Together, they took all the hatchlings, secured them in a tub with seawater and informed the city government.

Bantay Dagat Coordinator Edsel Toledo and staff of the City Agriculture Office came over to document and release the hatchlings. During the orientation, Mr. Toledo said that sea turtle hatchlings are attracted to the first light they see and these hatchlings probably went directly to the resort due to the numerous lights inside.

The staff of the resort and guests were then informed of the importance of these sea creatures in the ecosystem and that the presence of sea turtles indicates a healthy and clean environment.

Sea turtles are an important part of the marine ecosystem. They help to keep coral reefs healthy by eating algae that can smother them. They also serve as a food source for other marine animals, such as sharks and fish.