43 Bacolod police officers pass unannounced drug test


Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez confirmed that 43 commissioned police officers assigned at the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) who underwent an unannounced drug test last week tested negative for illegal drug use.

The BCPO Acting Director Colonel Noel Aliño ordered the mandatory drug test to ensure that its personnel are free from any drug use, and the result includes the 10 police station commanders and staff at the BCPO.

Aliño who assumed his office last week invited the police officers for a lunch and immediately after he subjected the officers to mandatory testing.

The result of the test was contained in a sealed brown envelope, which was handed over by Aliño to the mayor during his press conference earlier today.

The announcement of the findings sends a positive message to the community that the police officers are committed to upholding the law and maintaining a drug-free environment.

At the press conference, Aliño reiterated that through this initiative, he will be able to dispel allegations that some of the officers are taking drugs.

The negative result of the drug test also confirms that the police officers responsible for maintaining law and order in the community are drug-free, which is crucial to ensuring that they can perform their duties effectively.