2 babies hit by COVID-19


A baby boy and a baby girl, both under the age of one, were among the most recent to be infected by COVID-19.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Roselle Wenceslao said: “COVID19 is a real surge as it hits my beloved and innocent niece and nephew. The most devasting part is they are infants! They are 5-month-old and 8-month-old babies!”

Wenceslao said that 14 members of their family were swabbed last September 11 after a member of the family who works in a tertiary hospital as a health worker tested positive of the virus last Friday, September 10. Of the 14, 11 tested negative, but the babies and their caretaker who were unvaccinated turned out to be positive.

Photo from Roselle’s FB. https://www.facebook.com/rossellepd

She narrated: “That moment and instance, horror clouds our house and emotions with terror because of all people in the household, why the babies, why my pure niece and nephew, why, why, and more whys? Until now, the question of why and more why/s is still running in my mind whenever I am awake or half asleep. Despite this, the pendulous condemnation is not our current priority.”

Since that result of the swabs were out, Wenceslao said they immediately sought all help as much as they could, all in a single night, from everyone they knew and to any leads in making sure they followed the city’s protocols and most especially the medical recommendations. “We cannot wait another day to be hanging as 2 infants are at stake in a single household,” she underscored.

With their family under lockdown, according to her, they have to rely to the medical assistance of her sister who is a licensed physician.

“With virtual thorough checkups from their pediatricians and other concerned Doctors, our topmost priority, is that they are medically monitored despite having no symptoms and they are active, healthy, and normal,” she added on her post.

She suspects that the babies got the virus from the adults as she advised those adults who are frequently going out to keep in mind that in every travel that they do, always consider the safety of the other members left in the house thereafter.

Despite of the frightful result, she is also thankful that majority in their household were vaccinated against the deadly virus. “VACCINES HELP! AGAIN, VACCINES ARE A GREAT HELP! COVID19 VACCINES ARE FREE!,” she wrote.

According to her aside from a healthy immune system, vaccines gave an advantage to be protected from the virus.

As of yesterday, they are on their third day of isolation while supporting the 2 infants physically and emotionally and by keeping their selves rational and compose, and by keeping and holding their faith to God.

In closing, she wrote: “To our babies, hold on and we will get through this together. We will play again and we will continue learning your ABCs and Cocomelon rhymes after this. We will practice again your crawl, your steps, and progress walking as I know this shall pass. Hold on.”