12-hr power outage in Sum-ag, Bago, Talisay & Silay on weekend


Residents of Sum-ag, Bacolod City, and three other cities in Negros Occidental will experience a 12-hour power outage this weekend, according to an announcement by Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO).

The power outage will take place from 6AM-6PM due to the scheduled shutdown of the Bacolod-San Enrique 69kV line by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) on Saturday, March 4. The shutdown will affect CENECO’s Sum-ag and Lag-asan, Bago City substations.

On Sunday, March 5, the Bacolod-Silay-Victorias 69kV line will be shut down, affecting CENECO’s Talisay and Silay substations.

According to CENECO it shall take advantage of this downtime by implementing simultaneous maintenance works.

Details of these outages are as follows:

March 4, 2023 – Saturday

Areas Affected: Sum-ag & Hilangban Substations

SF1 From Sum-ag Substation to Sum-ag Highway, whole of Pta. Taytay Road including VMA, Sum–ag Highway to Medalla Elementary School, CEGASCO, Brgy. Pahanocoy, Pahanocoy Village (NHA Housing), Brgy. Road from Bangga Tomaro to Brgy. Cabug along Circumferential Road from Araneta down to HJR Prawn Processing, boundary of Bago City and Bacolod City including Fiesta Homes Subd., Prk. KBS and San Sebastian Village up to Pta. Taytay Elementary School, Oroland Subd. Deca Homes, Bangga Cabug – Handumanan Police station, NGO Village, Portion of Lucky Home Subd., SM Hypermarket going to Phase 5, Phase 6A &6B, Villasor Village, Handumanan Slaughter House

SF2 From Sum-ag Substation along Abuanan Road (Sum-ag) to portion of Bago, Brgy. Tabunan, Brgy. Dulao, Maria Elena, Quiet Place Resort, Brgy. Atipulu-an and Brgy. Abuanan, Sayson Piggery, GC&C Crusher, Prk. Sambag, Prk. Cadena de Amor, Prk. Rose 1 & 2., Prk. Maasin & Prk. Sta. Rita, Prk. Theodora Brgy Damsite, Prk. Tumpok & Prk. Overflow, Blumentritt.)

HF1 Portion of Brgy Lag-asan, Brgy. Balingasag, Bago City College, Prk. Kapahuan 1 & 2, Bago City Hospital, Prk. Santan, San Esteban Phase 2, Sta. Catalina Subdivision, Brgy. Sampinit, CF1, CF2, San Gabriel Subd., Villa Cristita, Carmella Homes, Prk. Camingawan, Prk. San Francisco, BrgyCalumanggan, Prk. Flower, Prk. Paraiso, Brgy. Taloc, Prk, Newton, Cawayanan, Brgy. Busay, Brgy. Taloc

HF2 The whole area of Bago City including San Esteban Phase 1, Brgy. Poblacion, Pta. Playa, Prk. Batad, Prk. Malipayon, Baywalk, Brgy. Sampinit Proper

HF3 Crossing Ubay, Bago Eco-Center, Humberto’s Resort, Hda. Pili, Brgy. Pacol, Brgy. Bagroy, Brgy. Sagasa, Brgy. Caridad, Brgy. Allanza, Brgy. Don Jorge Araneta (Central Ma-ao)

HF4 Lag-asan Relocation Site, Brgy. Napoles, Brgy. Malingin, Crossing Mining, portion of Brgy. Atipuluan, Brgy. Ma-ao, Villa Crestita, Brgy. Bacong, Brgy. Binubuhan, Brgy. Mailum, Brgy. Ilijan, Viva Mineral Water, Buenos Aires Resort, Brgy. Manghumay, PNOC-EDC

March 5, 2023 – Sunday

Areas Affected: Talisay, Panaogao and Lopez Substations

TF1 Northside areas from Talisay Substation to Highway along Magsaysay Street, Brgy. Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5 12, 12A, 16 and portion of Brgy. Zone 6, 10, Brgy. Bubog, Talisay Public Market, SM Savemore, CHMSC, EELMS, TES, TESDA, TUP, RBLMHS, TACIWA Office, New Talisay City Hall, Kooll Company, Buen Retiro Subd, Menlo Village Phase 4, Menlo Garden, Tali Homes, Carmela Valley Subd., Carmela Valley Executive, Pueblo San Antonio, St. Paul Village, Pacific Shores Subd.

TF2 Southside areas from Talisay Substation to Highway along Magsaysay Street, Brgy. Zone 7, 8, 9, 14, 14A, 14B, 15 and portion of Brgy. Zone 6, 10, Miramar Park Subd., CICM Seminary, Nature’s Village Resort, Ayala Northpoint, Asyana, Plantazionne Verdana, Amaia, Avida, Enclaves, Town & Country, La Costa Brava, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Wilcon Depot, The District Northpoint, Pepsi Cola Plant, Brgy. Banago, Sta. Clara Phase II, Prk. Langis, San Mateo Village, Petron Depot, Prk. Paraiso, Prk. Kasagingan, Prk. Lawayan, Prk. Rosas Pandan.

TF3 Menlo Subd. 1, 2 & 3, Menlo Heights, portion of Brgy. Zone 10, Fatima Heights, Sugar Valley, Brgy. Binaliwan, San Esteban Subd., Hda. Otilla Lacson, Virgen I,II and III, Hda. Locsin, Hda. San Rafael (Balabag), Casa Rufina, Country Homes (Dos Hermanas), Triad Subd., San Esteban Subd., Brgy. Matab-ang, Brgy. Concepcion, Brgy. Cabatangan, Brgy. Dos Hermanas, Brgy. Efigenio Lizares, Brgy. San Fernando, Brgy.Katilingban, Hda. Del Fuego 1 & 2

LF1 Caneland (AIDSISA), Mansiguinon, Had. Macamig 1 & 2 , Brgy. Guimbalaon, Brgy. Kapitan Ramon, Brgy. Patag, E. Lopez, Hda. Pula, Hda. Napilas 2, Sitio Hiyang2x, Tayap Proper, Patag, Hda. Caridad – Had Violeta., Hda. Maria Conception, Hda. Camantero 3, Hda. Qinalatan

LF2 Provincial Hospital, portion of Silay st, Olaybar St., Villa Hergon, Villa hergon Phase 2, Had. Matagoy, Burgos St. Bonifacio St.

LF3 Hawaiian Central, Silay, Brgy. Balaring, SitioBungol, SitioMambag-id, SitioBeraño, portion of Brgy. Lantad

PF1 Mc Kinley Road (from Silay substation to Silay Airport) Hda. Bagacay, San Isidro, Naga, Macamig 3, Brgy Bagtic, . Hda. Maria Concepcion, Guimbalaon, Hda. Camantero, Hda. Qinalatan, Lantawan

PF2 From Panao-gao Substation to McKinley Gomez, Sta. Theresa Academy, Silay Institute, Equitable Bank, Ice Plant, CENECO (SFO), Sea View Subd., Highway (StaTheresita – Sea View), SitioDacutanDacu, HofileniaSubd., Carmela Valley Silay, Hda. Consolacion, Brgy. Guinhalaran, Sea View, BuenRetiro, Major part of Silay Proper, Brgy. Mambulak. Gomez St., Zamora St.