12 hours power outage in most areas of Bacolod & Bago on May 22


The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is set to shut down its Bacolod-Reclamation and Bacolod-San Enrique 69kV transmission lines on May 22 that will result to 12 hours power outage in most areas in Bacolod and Bago cities.

In an advisory, the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) said that the schedule outage is in connection with the on-going Cebu-Negros-Panay 230kV Backbone Project (Stage 3, Phase 1). CENECO said their team will also take advantage of this downtime to conduct simultaneous maintenance activities.

NGCP is set to shut down the power supply in key areas at 6AM. Power is expected to resume at 6PM, according to CENECO.

The following areas will be affected by the power outage.

AGF1 Gonzaga (Substation–Lacson St.), Gonzaga St. (Gatuslao St.–Araneta St. & Gatuslao St.–Lacson St.), Mabini St. (Gonzaga St.–San Sebastian St.), San Sebastian St. (Mabini St.–Dept. of Agrarian Reform), Gatuslao St. (San Sebastian St.–Galo St.), Luzuriaga St. (Gatuslao St.–Araneta St.), Cuadra St. (Gatuslao St.–Lacson St.), Rizal St. (Gatuslao St.–San Juan St.), Bay Center, Bishop’s Palace, San Sebastian Cathedral, DYAF–Radyo Veritas, GE Money Bank, San Sebastian Dawis, BACIWA, Cathedral, LCC

AGF2 Gonzaga Substation, Mabini St. (Gonzaga St.–San Sebastian St.), Luzuriaga St. (Mabini St.–Lacson St.), San Sebastian St. (Mabini St.–Lopez-Jaena St. & Mabini St.–Gatuslao St.), Lacson St (San Sebastian St.–Business Inn), Luzuriaga St. (Lacson St.–Gatuslao St.), Locsin St. (San Sebastian St.–Rosario St.), Libertad (from Taculing Road to Araneta), Mabini Street (San Sebastian to Lizares), Lizares Avenue (Lacson to UNO-R), Lizares Compound, NALCO Press, Araneta St. to Locsin St., Gatuslao St. (Libertad to San Sebastian), Planta Centro Bacolod Hotel & Residence, Cyber Center

AGF3 Mabini St. (from CENECO to Galo St.), Galo St. (from Mabini to Gatuslao), Locsin St. (from Galo to Rizal), Nueva St., Alisbo, PLDT, Philam Life, Provincial Hospital (now Western Visayas Regional Hospital), Cordova Road, Rizal St. (Mabini St. to Lopez-Jaena & Mabini St. to Lacson), Bugos St. (Lopez Jaena going to Gatuslao St.), LTO, Landbank, Hall of Justice, SSS Building, 888, portion of Brgy. 9, portion of Brgy. 11, portion of Brgy. 17, Brgy. 18, Brgy. 19, portion of Brgy. 20, portion of Brgy. 21, portion of Brgy. 22, portion of Brgy. 23, portion of Brgy. 24, portion of Brgy. 26, West Negros/STI, Burgos St. (from Lacson–Bacolod Cemetery), Burgos Public Market

AGF4 Gonzaga (Substation–Lopez-Jaena St.), Lopez-Jaena St. (Gonzaga St. to Lopez-Jaena St. to Ceres Terminal North Drive), Galo St. (Lopez-Jaena–Mabini St.), Capitol Shopping , Portion of 6th St., Narra St. (Lopez-Jaena St.–Hervias & Lopez-Jaena St. before Negros Navigation Bldg.), Circle Inn, Malaspina St. (Lopez-Jaena St.–North Drive), North Drive (Malaspina St.–Narra Ave.), La Salle Subd., Narra Ave. (from 6th St. to Hervias Subd.), Yakal, portion of 6th St., Malaspina St. (Hilado St. to WNC), WNC Gym, Tindalo St., YLAC (Caltex–C.L. Montelibano), St. Joseph High School, Villamonte, portion of La Salle Subd., Hilado St. (Burgos-Malaspina)

AGF5 Gonzaga (Substation–Lopez-Jaena St.), Lopez-Jaena St. (Gonzaga St.–Rosario St.), Luzuriaga St. (Lopez-Jaena St.–Mabini St.), Rosario St. (Lopez-Jaena St.–Doña Juliana St.), Lizares St. (Libertad St.–before UNO-R), Libertad St. (Margarita–BAC-UP 6), City Engineer’s Compound, portion of City Heights, Taculing Road (BAC-UP 6–Garces Subd.), Taculing Court, Sanitarium Hospital, St. Francis Subd., Purok 5, Puentebella, Sta. Lucia Village, Forest Park Village, Garces Subd., THASS II, Lizares Subd., part of City Heights

AGF6 Gonzaga (Gonzaga Substation–Lopez Jaena St.), portion of Brgy. 26, 27, 28), Doña Juliana Heights Subd., Sharina Heights, Las Palmas Subd., Prk. Jardine, Prk. Cubay

RF1 Prk. Boulevard, San Juan St. (from San Sebastian to Gonzaga St.), Sylvia Manor, portion of City Hall facing Luzuriaga, Plaza Mart, San Juan St. (Burgos St. along Cordova Boulevard Road–North Drive), South Capitol Road (San Juan St.–Lagoon), BREDCO, Reclamation Area, along San Juan St. (B.S. Aquino Drive – Burgos St.), Gatuslao Imperial Court going to North Drive, Caltex North Drive going to Puregold. Cordova St., Puregold Banago going to Bangga Langis

RF2 Lopue’s San Sebastian, San Sebastian St. (from San Juan to Gatuslao St.), Araneta St. (Rodriguez Avenue–Gonzaga St.) Gaisano Dept. Store, part of Bacolod City Hall facing Araneta St. near Terry’s, Ballesteros St. NOHS, LCC HRM School

RF3 Araneta St. (Rodriguez Ave.-Magsaysay), Grand Regal Hotel, Visayan Daily Star, DYRL, Rosario St. (Yulo to San Juan), Yulo’s Park, San Juan Street (Rosario St. to San Sebastian), ETCS, Slaughter House

RF4 & 5 SM City Bacolod

SF1 From Sum-ag Substation to Sum-ag Highway, whole of Pta. Taytay road including VMA, Sum–ag Highway to Medalla Elementary School near CEGASCO, Brgy. Pahanocoy, Pahanocoy Village (NHA Housing), road from Bangga Tomaro to Brgy. Cabug and along Circumferential Road from Araneta down to HJR Prawn Processing, Boundary of Bago City and Bacolod City including Fiesta Homes Subd., Prk. KBS and San Sebastian Village up to Pta. Taytay Elementary School, Oroland Subd., Deca homes, Prk. Malipayon 1, 2, 3 and 4, Firmville Executive, Villa Maria Reyna South, Bangga Totong, Hda. Edmar, Handumanan, Brgy. Felisa

SF2 From Sum-ag Substation along Abuanan Road (Sum-ag) to portion of Bago, Brgy. Tabunan, Sta. Clara Subd. Brgy. Dulao, Maria Elena, Quiet Place Resort, Brgy. Atipulu-an and Brgy. Abuanan, Sayson Piggery, GC&C Crusher, Prk. Sambag, Prk. Cadena de Amor, Prk. Rose 1 & 2, Prk. Maasin and Prk. Sta. Rita, Dulao, Prk. Tumpok and Prk. Overflow, Blumentritt

The following are areas in Bago City that will be affected:

HF1 Portion of Brgy Lag-asan, Brgy. Balingasag, Bago City College, Prk. Kapahuan 1 & 2, Bago City Hospital, Prk. Santan, San Esteban Phase 2, Sta. Catalina Subd., portion of Brgy. Sampinit, CF1, CF2, San Gabriel Subd., Villa Cristeta, Carmella Homes, Prk. Camingawan, Prk. San Francisco, Brgy. Calumangan, Prk. Flower, Prk. Paraiso, Brgy. Taloc, Prk. Newton, Cawayanan

HF2 The whole area of Bago City including San Esteban Phase 1, Brgy. Poblacion, Pta. Playa, Prk. Batad, Prk. Malipayon, Baywalk, Brgy. Taloc, Brgy. Busay

HF3 Crossing Ubay, Bago Eco-Center, Humberto’s Resort, Hda. Pili, Brgy. Pacol, Brgy. Bagroy, Brgy. Sagasa, Brgy. Caridad, Brgy. Allanza, Brgy. Don Jorge Araneta (Central Ma-ao), Brgy. Sampinit proper

HF4 Lag-asan Relocation Site, Brgy. Napoles, Brgy. Malingin, Crossing Mining, Brgy. Ma-ao, Villa Cresteta, Brgy. Bacong, Brgy. Binubuhan, Brgy. Mailum, Brgy. Ilijan, Viva Mineral Water, Buenos Aires Resort, Prk. Manghumay, PNOC-EDC