Visayas grid on yellow alert due to thin power reserve


The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) placed the entire Visayas region under a yellow alert starting from 1:00 PM today, April 23, due to a very thin power reserve.

While NGCP did not confirm the possibility of outages, the yellow alert indicates a heightened risk of rotational brownouts if necessary to manage power supply. The alert is expected to remain in effect until 8:00 PM this evening.

According to NGCP’s advisory, the current available capacity of the Visayas grid is at 2,742 megawatts (MW), while peak demand is reaching 2,571 MW. This leaves a slim buffer of only 171 MW.

The tight supply is attributed to at least 20 power plants currently undergoing forced outages, while another 9 are running on derated capacities. This translates to a total of 604.4 MW unavailable to the grid.