Traffic enforcer’s home swept away by flood, grandchild rescued


In a harrowing incident caused by heavy rainfall, the home of a traffic enforcer in Barangay 14 of Bacolod City was washed away by floodwaters on Monday evening, August 28.

The enforcer, Rogelio Gepana, said he was playing a mobile game when he suddenly heard the unsettling sound of his house being rattled by the raging waters. His house, made of light materials, stands on the creek in Purok Rizal.

The entire family was caught off guard by the rushing water, but Gepana’s 19-year-old grandchild, a criminology student, was quick to swim and survived from being carried away by the floodwaters.

The unfortunate incident unfolded as the enforcer’s grandchild was also asleep, unaware of the impending danger posed by the powerful deluge.

Gepana said a significant portion of his house, along with some of their valuable possessions and their newly purchased merchandise meant for sale at their “tiangge”, were carried away by the forceful current.