San Carlos plans to open Dapdap Wharf for weekend market


To further boost tourism activities at Sipaway Island in San Carlos City, its Tourism Office plans to put up a weekend market at the Dapdap Wharf in Barangay San Juan.

According to the local government, the aims to help the local economy and contribute to the economic growth of the communities in the island.

Jennifer Saballa, Tourism Operations Officer I and Officer-In-Charge said that Dapdap Wharf is considered as gateway for tourists to the island’s different spots where at their convenience, an array of different products will be made available during the market day.

Saballa added that tourism can also generate income that can help the communities within the island that is why, it is important to give them the opportunity to showcase their products such as fresh caught sea foods, vegetables, local delicacies as well as souvenir items.

Dry-run for the planned weekend market is set on Black Saturday, April 9, 2022 and if successful during assessment, display of products and farm produce will be held on a regular basis.