San Carlos contact tracing app a requirement


Residents, establishments and transport providers, both inland and sea in the city of San Carlos are required to log digitally via its mobile application Viral Assesment and Monitoring System (VAMOS) for an improved contact tracing against COVID-19.

In his executive order signed last November 9, Mayor Renato Gustilo urged all sectors in his locality to adopt the use of the QR-based mobile application as a systematic approach to expedite contact tracing efforts.

The app is now available for download on iOS and is pending approval on Google. Android user in the meantime are advised to download the app through the official website of San Carlos City.

The app requires one to provide his personal information. At present only residents of San Carlos can use the app as visitors from outside the city, even within the province, has no option to enter his city or town.

The app was developed locally  thru the Information Technology and Computer Services Office (ITCSO).